Coaching creates clarity

Your goals and challenges are in the foreground

You have to make the best decision as a manager, project leader, entrepreneur or investor? You have to deliver outstanding performance, achieve the required growth targets or represent unpopular measures with calm and foresight. To do this, you want to manage the balancing act between the demands of your employees, your family and your own needs. In particularly challenging situations, before an important decision or a complex negotiation, it makes sense to seek external help. I offer this help.

Increase work-life balance and avoid burnout

 Understanding stakeholders and developing alliances

 Find and achieve sustainable, personal goals

 The Big Next Step

 Strengthen resilience and recognize triggers

Training needs experiences

Your enjoyment of the learning experience and transfer to your everyday life is paramount

Training is working with a group. What are the challenges of global teams? How do you lead your international management team to a common mission and vision? How do you take cultural differences into account? What can you learn from top-class sports, where motivation, emotion and precision are paramount? Let's find out. To the benefit of you and your managers.

Leadership at a distance - if intercultural cooperation is to succeed

 Development of a sustainable vision and mission for business units

 The Spirit for Leadership Teams

Values and economy

What counts is your sustainable success

The determination and achievement of your long-term goals and the dissolution of limiting beliefs are the focus. As one of the few coaches in the German-speaking world, I am able to accompany my clients with the help of processes such as Moment of Excellence, Re-Imprinting (Robert Dilts) or Social Panorama (Lucas Derks). Thus you make your important decision, are perfectly prepared for your central speech or take your decisive career step. But I also accompany long-term changes effectively and sustainably.